Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry services have become increasingly popular as they provide affordable, long-lasting solutions to brighten your smile. Cosmetic dentistry services include both dental veneers and teeth whitening. At Delacombe Family Dental it is our priority to provide you with excellent dental care which we achieve by using advanced technology and a caring approach. Our dental veneer services provide an opportunity to cover imperfections such as chips and stains and our teeth whitening can provide you with a platform to remove stubborn stains and discoloration, overall, leaving you with a brighter and more confident smile.

Dental Veneers in Ballarat

At Delacombe Family Dental in Ballarat, we are committed to providing high-quality dental veneers to provide you with the best possible version of your smile. Our dental veneers are made of thin porcelain shells, made to fit snugly over and to match your natural teeth appearance. Our dental veneers do a remarkable job at covering imperfections such as chips, stains, and misalignments. Our team at Delacombe Family Dental will guide you through the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final placement of the veneers, ensuring that you can achieve a beautifully aligned, symmetrical, and natural-looking and feeling smile.

Teeth Whitening in Ballarat

Everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile and our professional teeth whitening services can help you achieve exactly what you’ve been looking for. Stains and discolouration can occur at any point in life through factors like ageing, smoking, or consuming certain foods and beverages. Luckily, by using advanced techniques and professional whitening agents, our excellent dentists can remove those stubborn stains and frustrating discolouration. With our teeth whitening treatments, you can enjoy your new and improved radiant smile, helping to boost your confidence. Teeth-whitening treatment should be convenient and as a result we offer take-home kits, allowing you to easily achieve a radiant smile that you can proudly show off.

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At Delacombe Family Dental, we do our utmost to cater to the needs of our patients. We make every effort to accommodate your preferred appointment time. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to check availability. Your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. They are designed to improve the appearance of teeth by correcting issues such as discoloration, chips, or gaps. They also match the appearance of your existing teeth, ensuring they blend in seamlessly.
With a bit of attention, proper care and maintenance, dental veneers can last for many years. The lifespan can vary depending on your oral hygiene methods and your overall dental health. It’s important to avoid teeth-grinding as it can damage your veneers.
At-home teeth whitening kits generally will include a whitening gel or strips featuring a bleaching agent that works to remove stains and whiten your teeth. You will use the gel or strips for a length of time specified depending on the product and severity of stains. As long as you use the kit as directed, your at-home teeth whitening generally will not harm your teeth. However, it is paramount to follow the instructions provided and consult with your dentist before using any whitening products to ensure they are suitable for your oral health.

You may start to see improvements in the whiteness of your teeth as early as a few days after using. However, it is important to note that the results can drastically vary depending on how regularly you use it and how well you take care of your teeth in the period. You may also see varied results based on how stained your teeth were prior to starting the process and based on the product you use.